About Paul Rausch- by Paul Rausch

About Paul Rausch by Paul Rausch…

Paul Rausch was born in East-Germany.  He early demonstrated  a highly  creative character and an  urge to passionate facing both life and art. During his childhood,Paul attended an Arts school, being  teached by an artist,widely  known as one of the “large sceptical realists” of our century, bearing a reputation of him cooperating with Feininger & Klee .

Paul Rausch has learned to function professionaly as a graphic designer, long before the use of computers , by  using  brushes and pencils to illustrate his vision. Later on, he worked as a dressmaker for the theater. At the same period, he started designing and putting together his own fashion line at home.

The Fall of the Wall In Germany finds Paul working as creative director for a big company in Hamburg.During this very period he successfully worked n creative placements all over the world.Among other places, he worked in the USA,South America, Asia, France and United Arabic Emirates. No matter where he were,his trustful camera and pen were allways by his side. Its no surprise that Paul Rausch quotes Helmut Newton and Christian Dior as his ‘creative religion’!

During the last four years, Paul lives in Hamburg,working on his own creative projects. His  latest one  is being called: “Just me – Rausch me!

His inspiration and motivation for this particular project derived by the deep friendship existing with his favorite models and muses Fuji and Silke. With few technical effort and a lot of passion, Paul Rausch is creating a warm atmosphere, a ‘ frame’ for the models to  show their real personality. No artificial stage posing, no huge team, nothing is allowed to be created under pressure.

Paul Rausch’s photos show the models in an authentic and artistic style. The model decides how to present herself and how she would like to be shown. Thus Paul is able to present a piece of the deepest soul and an honest laugh of the models in his photos.

His motto: “Be yourself, show me who you are!

As for the models are usuallyevery day people plus professionals, an exclusive personel invited only, or by recommendation.

Paul Rausch: You have soul and able to show it, so welcome!

[Model: Claudia Fuji Rafreider / Austria,
“Dollbabies” Bass Guitar
Style & Stage: Paul Rausch
MUA. Fuji}

{Model: Gretchen Hase / Austria,
Pole dancer
Style: Paul Rausch}

{Model: Silke Petersen / Hamburg
Style & MUA: Silke Petersen}

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