Sylvie Blum’s nude/fashion work-‘Naturalness and Confidence’

‘Playful, focused, adventurous, visionary, hard-working’,yes indeed!, the well-known photographer Sylvie Blum’s gracing our page!

{‘Inter-View’ by Nora Schaefer}

”The name Sylvie conjures in our minds images created by that foremost of fashion, lifestyle and nude photographers. Early in her career she was a top model herself, working with the likes of Saudek, Newton and Gunter Blum.

I wanted to know more about Sylvie: the woman, the artist, and the photographer, who demonstrates clearly that her art is not only her passion but an attempt to create a world that is forever through the act of capturing timeless moments.

What is your definition of beauty?

That’s always an interesting question…When I think of a general definition I would probably say youth. Everything that is young and child-like, still retaining the eternal sense of wonder, of discovery and re-discovery; that is beauty. To me, beauty is in everything…Whoever I look at, I’ll always find beauty. Of course, it’s not always readily visible. It likes to hide and to only expose its grace on the patient observer, but if you look close enough you’ll find, in every being, something precious and beautiful, something timeless and indelible. In my work I try to create a world, one that is beautiful, pure and detached from its time and place.

What is timeless for you?

Everything in this world is endless…each day, each hour, and each second closes in at the opening of the next. For me, a picture can only be timeless if it has the power to captivate the eyes for more than a moment. It’s a mystic power, both seductive and spiritual in quality. You just can’t turn your eyes away; you have to analyze, to understand, to feel it. You’ll look at this picture, let’s say ten years from now, and this magic that you felt then still remains.

What fascinates you about Nude Photography?

Nothing is left to chance…It is the play with light and shadow, contrast and form. The black and white human body has a graphic, architectural character to me. Nude photography is like mathematical formula, pure and abstract, solvable only by the deepest examinations of every little detail.

If the word nude did not exist, what two words would you chose to replace it?

Naturalness and Confidence.

Five words which stand for Sylvie?

Playful, focused, adventurous, visionary, hard-working.”

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Do we need more?

Sylvie Blum is represented by Fahey Klein Gallery,L.A.

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