Fashion Kinetics- meet the’The House Of Boing’

The ‘House Of Boing’ is a unique phenomenon in fashion design.As they accurately define their innovative work:

‘House of Boing aims to add kinetics to people’s lives in a bid to remind them of curiosity and excitement experienced most strongly in childhood. We try to fashion objects and environments re-connecting us to that childlike enthusiasm, the instant reaction to new and exciting objects and activities that a majority of “adults” have lost somewhere along the way. We are playing with the interaction and relation between wearer’s and their clothing. What would happen if the clothes had a live of their own?
What would be the wearer’s reaction to this movement that was acting independently from them but was nevertheless increased by their own movement? Would they cease to move, or change and adapt their movements accordingly? Might it be possible to take a glimpse at the wearer’s characteristics, perhaps more openly visible through this improvised, instant reaction and change of motion?
Which is exactly what makes the moving clothes so suitable to (over)dramatizing character’s traits in performances and dance. To experiment further on this we have worked on a series of improvised workshops creating thought-provoking environments aiming for interactive performances. By inviting the audience to wear one of the many costumes that were made with movement in mind, create a distinctive surrounding and set the score and mood through sound scapes and music the onlooker gets to take on the role of the performer and experiment with their altered state of mind.

In order to achieve this we have brought together designers, musicians, dancers, actors, acrobats, scenographers, film makers and photographers to create collaborative works in site-specific projects, installations, environments and film work. House of Boing was started by Sandra Bamminger in 2000 following a Womenswear Fashion Design Degree at Central Saint Martins and completion of work experience placements for Clements/Ribeiro, Jessica Ogden and Eley/Kishimoto.

Interesting eh?Much! Sandra Bamminger,the main face behind this fashion marvel provides with a sensational ‘Inter-View” text along with a series of recent fashion photos from distingee photographer Marc Rogoff.

Enjoy the concept,enjoy the clothes,enjoy the images.Enjoy style with substance!

curly crazy graffiti meets vasarely afro cafe.

flyover, loads of colour.

wooden waffle pattern, water, water lillies and reflection.

netty rasta spiderweb and pikeys (down the alley).

brazilian, samba like yet quiet, follows alien light.

these is a photo series with the quietly creative, dancey

model hellyda. like improvised dance moves, escaping the alien

light, amongst concrete walls, bridges, arches and flyovers.

great graffiti colour mix meets bland and grey.

nice experiment, nice turnout.

{Inter-View by Sandra Bamminger,photos by Marc Rogoff }

Photographer Marc Rogoff


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