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( photo by David Leslie Anthony)

‘Scorsese’s Women’ cinematic editorial lensed by Steven Klein for W magazine

The concept of this editorial is brilliant.Based on actresses that have starred in Martin Scorsese film’s,Steven Klein delivers a series of imaginary cinematic scenarios  associated with each photograph


Sharon Stone


Winona Ryder


Jodie Foster


Jessica Lange


Juliette Lewis

Thom Browne Spring 2015 RTW- Fun,Fearless Fashion.

That was it.Just when i was thinking NYFW were so boring i could skip it and review LFW,there comes Thom Browne and his excellent work,forcing me to take the above back .Mea Culpa. The collection was designed with basic,classic shapes in mind,such as the jacket,the waistcoat,the trouser pants.But the fabrics and colors used, where pushing the idea of ‘tailor made’ to extremes.
It is worth mentioning that,even the baldest pieces could have been a sales hit in any ‘wearable fashion’ store.Not many designers can claim the same distinction.Eccentric,genius or provocative (and even kitsch) can be applied to Thom Browne’s work.With the contribution of renowned milliner Steven Jones, the theatrical silhouette as caricature balanced between fun and fashion.And that’s rare,mind you.


‘In The Mood For Baroque’-Wendy Bevan lenses Simone Flinthøj for Be October 2014








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Katarina Zlajic’s Fashion Jewellery-A name to remember.- ‘Sybilia Diary’ Exclusive



Katarina Zlajic  graduated from Faculty of Fine Arts of the Montenegro University of Arts, Department of Sculpture.With a great deal of work along with a crystal clear idea about personal style and uniqueness,she has managed to create jewelry that look like no other.She tells ”Diary” that : ”This art constitutes the major part of accessories, such as necklaces, collar, bags, glasses,earrings. Essentially, approach to jewellery is artistic, and there lies the uniqueness of models. Models generally give the impression of symmetry and asymmetry,geometry and ornaments through which permeate particularly originality… Each work of art was done exclusively by hand, combined with natural stones and minerals, crystals and zipper,aluminium, wood, stainless steel and above all each piece is unique artistically designed .. The work is based primarily on eliminating the traditional values of the art.” Her work,combining delicate craftsmanship and unique eye for style and detail stands out,,indeed.During out conversation she adds:Inspiration as someone or something does not exist. I think there is a space with a core from which we gain knowledge, strength and inspiration, and I’m sure hence comes the inspiration and to me ”Couldn’t agree more.

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DKNY RTW Spring 2015:“New York Nation Lost”


I feel i should be very careful while reviewing DKNY as i might sound a biased due to my previous,not-so-great reviews.The issue here is though that not even the brand’s helping me,sending out the runway looks that baffle editors and people.And this time was no exception.The designer noted that her inspiration was the ”urban surrounding of New York” and the energy of the Bog Apple captured in forms and colors.The actual collection presented bore nothing of the above.Bright hues,bold patterns and kaleidoscopic effect were the norn worn with sneakers.In terms of cut,the result was far less interesting as there where oversized almost buggy items,sometimes work one upon the other,A-shape skirts paired with V neck tunics and basic minidresses, and white cardigans closed the presentation.I could hardly stop but feeling that this wasn’t “New York Nation”.It was plain simply,almost offensive.Great handbags though.And eyewear.





Showstudio: Nick Knight and Amanda Harlech revive the bonnet with a live shoot.( a brief visual history by Lady Sybilia)



vogue - 1944

Bonnet:Vogue – 1944


Noel Stewart

bonnet by miliner Noel Stewart, fashion from Junya Watanabe.

Noel Stewart

Its true and very interesting.Nick Knight and Amanda Harlech revive the bonnet with a live shoot. A selection of makers – from Sarah Burton to J.W. Anderson – were approached to create their own interpretation of a bonnet, with encouragement to ignore limitation. The bonnet can frame the face, capturing the gaze and serving as a funnel, or stand alone as an object of beauty. Both functions will be explored.

The bonnet, a now largely extinct piece of headwear has a rich and varied history. A selection of their favourite makers, including Sarah Burton, Iris Van Herpen, Stephen Jones and J.W. Anderson, were approached to craft their own interpretation of a bonnet, with encouragement to ignore limitation and create freely. The bonnet can frame the face, capturing the gaze and serving as a funnel for beauty, or it can stand alone as an attractive object. It can give status or it can give anonymity. It can protect and shield the wearer or it can draw attention. These many roles will be celebrated in an editorial for V magazine and fashion film for SHOWstudio, the making of which will be streamed live on 7 and 8 September.


Bonnets:Sarah Burton of McQueen


Nick Knight is shooting the beautiful Moya in a bonnet from Angel’s costume

Watch live! http://showstudio.com/project/bonnet


The bonnet was an indispensable  garment of a woman’s outfit until the 119th century,often revived in the years that followed.It is interesting to know that before the modern perception of ‘headgear’,the bonnet was making history by its own in the hands of exquisite milliners.

1939 - Copy


Bonnet - 1810 - Copy

Bonnet – 1810

Hat Bergdorf Goodman Date1944 - Copy

Bergdorf Goodman bonnet: Date:1944



Hervé Léger RTW Spring 2015-”Sexy urban Warrior”


Max and Lubov Azria stated that the ‘onna-­bugeisha’ aka  a female samurai warrior has been their inspiration for the Hervé Léger RTW Spring 2015 collection.The straight,symmetrical lines of the outfits along with an aggressive sensuality were key elements to the show.The presentation started with pint items that seemed like the act b to the Hervé Léger Winter experimentation.Then,a dozen of interesting outfits appears in strict patterns and strategically placed geometrical cuts or,when needed, a trombe i’oeil approach to that-yest somehow looked great.The idea of a urbanized yet ultra female warrior produced some outfits such as the  black blouse with hot-pants,the nude corseted-like dress,,the pastels and the use of origamici techniques .The urban warrior themed swifted to slightly sporty in some great orange and yellow body-con dresses -i must admit my first thought was Alexander Wang taking notes on this very collection for his next ”athletic shoes turned dresses” concept.